Three Tips for Running a Successful Event for Your Light Production Customers

By Matthew Parker, Xerox – Have you noticed that there are two types of customer event?

There are those that are successful. The event is always reasonably busy. Plenty of people register for the event. A high percentage of those people go on to actually attend. Visitors leave the event feeling that it was worthwhile taking the time to attend. The organisers end up with a good list of prospects that are interested in specific services and products.

Then there are those events where nothing is happening. Eager demonstrators are on hand at the stand waiting for someone to drop by. However, most of their day is spent thinking that they would have been better off doing something else.

In reality, most people know that their event is going to struggle long before it actually happens. Few people register their interest. There is little buzz around the event. The pre-event planning revolves around “let’s hope it goes OK”. This is often because their event planning ignores one important rule.

Make sure your event is planned around your customers, not you.

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