Come Rain or Shine: Why Office Technology Dealers Should Revisit Their Business Plans Regularly

By Matt Lacina, GreatAmerica – I was recently working in my garage with my 7 year old on a rainy day (one of many we have had recently) when he asked, “What did you and Grandpa used to do on the farm on days like this?” This got me thinking – back when I was a kid, my first thought on rainy days was, “Yes! We get a break from working!” Although this was the case on occasion, most of the time my dad and I would end up penciling out the future and planning for nicer weather.

What Do You Do Outside Your Normal Business Plan to Plan For The Future of your Office Technology Business?

I didn’t really realize it at the time, but this was my first venture in running a small business.

After explaining this to my son, he asked me another question: “When do you plan for your future?”

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