Edelmann Group Announces Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press Now in Commercial Production

Heidenheim, Germany and Rehovot, Israel – June 3, 2019 –– Edelmann Group and Landa Digital Printing today announced that 60 leading converters and printers from around the world attended an open house at Edelmann’s Heidenheim facility, to see Europe’s first Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press producing commercial jobs at 6,500 B1/41 in. sheets per hour.

Visitors heard how the Landa S10 perfectly complements Edelmann’s offset technology, and how its brand customers now request its new Nanographic Printing® capability because of the freedom it offers – to order what they want, when they want it – all with high and consistent print quality.

“In the print and packaging world, everyone is clamoring to know if our Landa S10 is running as expected. We repeatedly get asked if print quality is good and if we’re running seven colors. They also ask if we’re achieving 6,500 B1/41 in. sheets per hour and if we’re able to produce commercial jobs,” comments Oliver Bruns, CEO, Edelmann Group. “The simple answer to all of that is, yes of course. The Landa S10 is built to be a full production machine, 24/7. The colors are brilliant and vibrant – so intense and lively. I haven’t seen any other technology that comes close.”

“Before installing the Landa S10, we were limited in the solutions we could offer our customers. B1/41 in. digital printing with seven colors and at 6,500 sheets per hour has eliminated these previous constraints. The S10 installation has been a great success, and we now expect to be out of beta in a matter of weeks,” confirmed Bruns.

Specializing in packaging solutions for health care, beauty care and consumer brands, the Edelmann Group has operations in nine countries, spanning Europe, Asia, North and South America. Employing more than 3,000 people and with sales of over 300 million euros, Edelmann produces over 5.6 billion packages and leaflets per year. In meeting the environmental demands of some of the world’s most exacting blue-chip brands, sustainability initiatives are also a top priority for the company.

Speaking at the open house, Oliver Bruns also confirmed that partnering with Landa was the best decision for their business. “This is not just a supplier-customer relationship, it’s far more. I love the color from our S10, but crucially, the Landa technology allows us to get a good ROI and that’s just as essential. High speed and great efficiency enable us to earn money with the press.” said Bruns.

Yishai Amir, CEO, Landa Digital Printing, comments: “We are obviously thrilled with the success of the Landa S10 at Edelmann, and we are looking forward to moving them out of beta within weeks. This success echoes our own business progress, on all fronts. With a continued ramp-up of production and go-to-market operations, we will have presses installed and printing across three continents by the end of 2019.”


About Edelmann Group

Edelmann is a leading provider of high-quality and innovative board and paper packaging solutions. At its 21 sites around the world (7 in Germany and 14 in other countries) the family-owned company develops, produces and distributes folding boxes, packaging inserts, system solutions and rigid boxes for the healthcare, beauty care and consumer brands markets. In 2018, more than 3,000 employees generated a turnover of  €300 million. Edelmann Group produced over 4.5 billion pieces of packaging and more than 1.0 billion packaging inserts. For more information, visit: https://www.edelmann-group.com

About Landa

Headed by Indigo founder, Benny Landa, the Landa Group is comprised of four units: Landa Digital Printing, whose Nanographic Printing® presses bridge the industry’s “Profitability Gap”, cost-effectively combining the versatility of digital with the high quality and speed of offset to transform the Commercial Printing, Packaging and Publishing markets.; Landa Labs, the group’s innovation arm, which explores nanotechnology for use in solar energy, automotive coatings, hair color, cosmetics, lab-grown diamonds, 3D printing, drug delivery and other fields; Landa Ventures, which invests in early stage companies with complementary disruptive technologies; and the Landa Fund, which promotes civic equality and the narrowing of socio-economic gaps in Israeli society. Benny Landa continues to add to his portfolio of over 800 patents worldwide that provide the companies he founded with a solid intellectual property base.



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