What’s Happenin’ in Print, Coming to IBPI’s Meeting

IBPI is holding their annual conference in Clearwater June 6 – 8. About 60-80 dealers will gather to see some presentations from IBPI partners such as ESP, Polek & Polek and others. IBPI has brought in some outside guest speakers, including yours truly.

I will be giving my What’s Happenin’ in Print presentation, discussing changes at Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Sharp and all major OEMS.

IBPI is the largest buying organization in the copier dealer channel. With over 400 members, IBPI has leveraged their size to provide best pricing from their 26 partners, providing their members with the lowest costs possible from these organizations as well as a rebate check at the end of the year based on their collective buying.

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What is IBPI and How do They Help Dealers?