4 Ways to Increase Your MPS Business

By: Aldo Spensieri , Clover – Do you sell managed print services (MPS)?

If so, are you looking to expand your operation?

While most companies are most likely interested, you’ll see much better results if you know where your best chances for success are waiting.

While selling managed print services should be fairly easy –here are four areas to focus your efforts in order to improve your results. Still, if you’re interested in building out your MPS business and significantly expanding your market share, the four areas below represent the greatest opportunities at the moment.

  1. Go to Companies That Already Value MPS

Selling MPS is always going to be easiest to companies that already value this service. You don’t need to spend a lot of time explaining what MPS is, you just have to sell them on why your managed print services are the best. Traditionally, these industries tend to make the best MPS customers because they do the most amount of printing:

  • Legal
  • Manufacturing

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