File sharing: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Work Without It

By Kellye Norris, Kyocera – There’s no such thing as “business as usual” any more. Technology and devices have changed the way we work—from the factory floor to the high-rise office building.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the need for collaboration. In fact, in today’s always-on, always-moving markets, getting everyone on the same page with the latest information is critical. Having and sharing up-to-date data establish the basic foundation for companies to innovate, deliver faster, and edge out their competition.

How do you improve collaboration and make that information instantly accessible? The most straightforward, economical place to start is document management and file sharing. These solutions transform workflow, making it simpler and faster for people to exchange ideas and information. Documents, presentations, videos, and other files that may be stored in multiple locations can be centralized in a cloud, where they be accessed, reviewed, edited, and printed from just about any device.

And when your workflow is transformed, so is your business. File sharing improves collaboration, increases efficiency, and enables greater productivity. Here’s why:

1. Anywhere, any time access to information

Getting a project team together for a face-to-face meeting can often be impractical, if not impossible — especially in distributed workforces with multiple locations and remote workers. File-sharing solutions make getting input and updates from even the largest groups quick and easy.

For example, by uploading data and documents to a cloud solution or other central storage location, team members can retrieve and print materials no matter where they are. The right cloud solution uses software that seamlessly integrates with multifunction printers; that means that users can simply upload or download files right from the printer control panel. This level of flexibility also reduces the time spent in meetings, as documents can be shared on the fly.

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