10 Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

Onboarding is often treated as a cost or a hassle compared to the effort put into recruiting top employees, but its impact on employee engagement and productivity can be profound. Take a look at your company’s onboarding process and see where you can make some simple, effective changes. One good place to start is by knowing about common onboarding mistakes and how to avoid them.

At the 2018 SHRM Conference and Expo in Chicago, Interchange Consulting Group principal Amy Hirsh Robinson addressed ten onboarding mistakes you can start addressing today.

  1. Not having a clean and ready workstation on day one— First impressions can be lasting impressions, and new hires are more sensitive to what goes on around them as they find their bearings in their new work environment. If your company can’t provide a functioning workstation when they arrive, it’s not a huge cognitive jump for them to assume your company doesn’t have its act together in general.

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