Making Files Smaller, Faster and Easier to Process

With PremierOCR, a leading document management solution designed to optimize PDF documents.

PremierCOMPRESSION can make your documents fully searchable with powerful optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. Intelligent pre-processing makes our OCR far more accurate and dramatically faster than leading OCR products. PremierCOMPRESSION is able to process scanned image documents, electronic PDFs, or complex hybrids of both, in near real-time, accelerating entire workflows.

In addition, PremierCOMPRESSION utilizes super-accurate OCR to support recognition for multi-directional, color, and low contrast text, including recognition for barcodes and other data types. PremierCOMPRESSION accuracy rates are up to 11% higher that top competitors for color documents and up to 15% higher than top competitors for black & white documents.

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