Ransomware – How Much Could It Hurt Printers?

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 Protect Your Business

As a commercial printer, you may think your business is far enough off the radar screen of hackers that you do not have to worry about malicious hacks like the recent “wanacry” ransomware.  After all, you have internal people who take care of your IT systems. They must have it covered. Right?

But do they?

Every day hackers, criminals and mischief-makers all over the world are hard at work finding ways to infiltrate systems, just like the ones at your print company.  If they succeed, the results could put your company out of business.

Fortunately, there are also professional support companies working just as hard to protect the security of your systems.

OutputLinks sat down with Andreas Krebs, Director and Head of Marketing at All Covered, to discuss how cyber threats are growing in frequency and sophistication, and the potentially fatal effects an unprotected printer and its customers might suffer from a malicious cyber-attack.

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