The Importance of Content Development in Driving Sales

By Leah Quesada – According to CEB, 57% of the purchasing decision is complete before a supplier is contacted  which means the average consumer has identified a need, researched options, and narrowed the supplier pool before they connect with you. It also means they’ve passed through the awareness phase and possibly even the consideration phase of your sales funnel before you’ve met. The answer to reaching these ‘unknown’ prospects lies in inbound sales and marketing strategy; a complex process for ensuring prospects find your website and self-serve the information they need.

Content is at the heart of inbound sales and marketing but not all content serves the same purpose, is relevant, or consumed. In fact, up to 70% of B2B content isn’t working to drive sales – because it’s not read at all. However, we know content is critical for demand and lead generation so, the question is: where should channel partners focus their time and energy in order to create content that coverts?

Marketing vs. sales content – what’s the difference?

Marketing and sales content are different. Marketing content is geared at top of the funnel awareness building and middle of the funnel consideration. It’s more about story telling, developing trust and establishing your brand and it’s most often consumed before you’ve met the prospect. Sales content drives conversions from prospect to customer. It’s meant to convince and act as a tipping point so buying decisions land in your favor.

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