Golden Ideas for a Bright In-plant Future

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By Elisha Kasinskas, Rochester Software Associates – The recent In-plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) conference was filled with informative sessions for in-plant managers. One of them featured a panel of leaders from Orange County Public Schools, Alfred State College and the University of Delaware who offered ideas to help in-plants succeed in four areas: new technology, business management, workforce change management and relevancy. 

Researching and Implementing New Technology

Chris Reed, Orange County Public Schools’ director of Materials Management, discussed how his in-plant successfully used a project management approach when implementing new technology. Noting that the most important aspect of using a project plan was that it kept them organized and provided a communication plan. Reed said, “A communication plan goes both ways: downward to our employees, but also, more importantly, to our executive staff. Now our senior leadership is involved in what’s going on, and they know whether or not we’re on schedule.”

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