How to Be Your Customer’s Trusted Advisor– and Why It’s Easier Than You Think

By Pete Peterson, Xerox – What do your customers buy, and why do they buy them from you?

There are many obvious buzzwords you can throw at that question. “Solutions” has been a popular response for many years. Another one is “value.” “Features”. “Benefits”. “Functionality.” “Capabilities.” “Capacities.” The list goes on, and every one of these answers is absolutely correct. Customers buy all these things.

But in the end, customers don’t “buy” as much they expect to “invest.” They make investments that they believe will increase their profitability. They are most interested in how quickly they can recover their initial investment, and then enjoy repeating return on investment (ROI). If an investment in information technology increases the speed at which their information generates profit, or better protects their high-value data assets from theft or corruption, that’s a worthwhile investment.

Why do they buy from you?

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