Watch Out! Ransomware Hackers Target MSP’s

Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) who offer remote IT services and support to companies worldwide, have recently been the target of a ransomware attack. At least three MSP’s were allegedly used as a gateway to access and deploy ransomware onto their customers systems. This breach occurred via exposed remote desktop endpoints, privileges inside compromised systems and manually uninstalled AV products.

With attacks like this occurring, now is the time for MSP’s to assess the vulnerabilities of their own IT infrastructure, not only for the benefit of protecting their own private and confidential information, but also to protect their customers systems they have access to.

An area which is often ignored, but which is never the less just as vulnerable, is protecting the print environment. Last year alone, 59% of organizations in a survey admitted to reporting print data loss in the past year. Even HP produced The Wolf video to warn organizations of the dangers of not having a secure print environment. This particular video highlighted the ease of accessing an organizations internal network, including private and confidential information through their printers. Do you want to be responsible for hackers accessing not just yours but your customers systems too?

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