PaperCut MF 17.2 is available now! Upgrade today to give your users their first look at the new Modern Interface.

The modern interface and security enhancements keep on coming with 17.2

This year PaperCut has focused on enhancing the overall look and feel of our solution, and extending our features to continue to reduce any potential security risks associated with printing. In release 17.2 this trend continues. End users are presented with a slick new interface, which administrators can quickly customize with new branding options.

We’ve also added a number of enhancements to help your organization be GDPR compliant. For PaperCut MF users, Integrated Scanning is now available on Xerox and Sindoh, along with more improvements to make configuring Find-Me easier.

Concerned about GDPR compliance? PaperCut MF 17.2 has a couple extra features to help!