Top 2 Reasons People Aren’t Doing Business With You!

By Josie Heskje, GreatAmerica – You have a great business; an entire suite of innovative office technology products and services and a team of rock star employees. Why wouldn’t people want to do business with you? This topic came up at a recent sales meeting I attended. (If you’re anxious for the answer sooner than later, it’s in the section “BASE of the New Sales Funnel” below.)

GreatAmerica held its annual National Sales Meeting last month, and we invited Meridith Elliott Powell to speak about the new sales techniques and strategies designed for a different type of customer in today’s shifting economy.

Meridith set the stage by saying our current economy isn’t up, isn’t down…it’s just different.  We have moved out of a push economy and into a pull economy.  This means the customer has moved into a control position —they have all the power. Your next customer is already researching what they want to buy, and they’re going to buy it online instead of the store they drive by on the way home. This requires a different set of selling strategies.

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