Data Breaches And The Importance Of Picking The Right E-Waste Recycler

In the course of regular business, companies tend to generate surplus electronics and e-waste as a byproduct of doing business. But disposing of these assets safely and responsibly can be a challenge. Not only may electronic waste contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, but it may also store sensitive data that business is duty-bound to protect.

Many organizations, therefore, turn to reputable third-party e-waste disposal experts. Reliable third-party e-waste disposal providers have systems in place that remove potentially hazardous chemicals while also ensuring that they destroy company datasafely and effectively.

Data Breaches Are Becoming More Common

Data breaches are a significant issue in today’s economy, affecting some of the largest businesses in the world. Take internet search giant Yahoo, for example. In 2016, the company announced that it had been the victim of a massive data breach which compromised more than 3 billion accounts on the platform, leading to clean up costs of more than $350 million. The breach knocked a considerable amount of value from the company too. Other companies that have fallen foul of data breaches since 2014 include Equifax, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, and Home Depot.

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