Five Tips on How to Start Automating Employee Recruitment

By John Mancini, DocuWare – For the past few years, I have spoken each semester to a group of college seniors at George Mason University about job hunting strategies and making the transition from college to career. What I cover is usually a mix of three things: 1) a bit of pontification about how the nonprofit sector is a better place to start a career than most people think; 2) advice on how to make the best impression during the interview process; and 3) how to navigate the recruitment process.

Of the three, technology has had the biggest impact on the recruitment process and is the area that I think is the most different now compared to the Stone Ages when I first applied for a job. In Global Recruiting Trends 2018, LinkedIn Talent Solutions offered this assessment:

Hiring talent has become highly transactional. The tedious candidate searches, the endless scheduling, and the repetitive screening are inefficient and mind-numbing. It’s time for a new era of recruiting that focuses on the more gratifying parts of the job — the human part, the strategic part.

The job hunt is frustrating for candidates and your company

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