Is It a Good Time to Sell?

Most business owners have thought about selling at some point. It’s a natural part of the lifecycle of a business and succession planning. It can feel far off and even intangible, but given the factors in today’s market, it’s a pretty good time to start thinking about it.

Here’s a couple of the reasons why:

The economy is strong.
When the economy is strong, business is good. You could make a case that we are at the peak of what good looks like in business conditions. Now is probably a good time to look at your long-term business succession plan. It’s easier to evaluate when things are going well rather than when things are in decline, and economic conditions dictate your path.

There are more buyers.
Copier dealers have become attractive to more buyers. This is giving dealers more options to sell their business and secure their future. I think it would be a good idea to align your company with an IT strategy that can provide opportunities for your employees and build resiliency in your business model. Finding the right buyer is key to carrying on the legacy you want for your business.

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Don’t Wish Time Away