Best Practices for Administering Your Bundled Office Equipment Contracts: How to Get It Right the First Time!

By Jordan Metzger, GreatAmerica – Bundled office equipment contracts have been around for many years, and office equipment dealers of all sizes offering all kinds of office equipment enjoy using them because they make selling and billing simple – for them, and their customers!

Though bundling is a common approach, there is a lot of information that must be accurately communicated between the dealer and the finance source in order to bundle equipment, services, and supplies effectively. Bundled contracts must be set up correctly from the start to avoid unnecessary headaches and rework down the road.

The challenge is making sure the whirlwind we all get caught in from time to time does not hamper our ability to get the right information where it needs to go. This means simply investing the necessary time, diligence, and focus upfront. If you don’t, you risk causing inaccuracies which will frustrate your customers and reduce your credibility with them.

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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