PaperCut’s New QRdoc Product, from ecoprintQ

PaperCut recently launched their new free product, QRdoc. This new product is a cool versioning tool that stamps QR codes on PDFS and paper documents. The QR codes allow users to unlock many powerful features like:

  • Access to the latest version(s) of your document(s)
  • Finding text in your printed document
  • Emailing paper documents without scanning
  • Opening a digital copy of any printed document
  • Being able to follow printed documents, magazines, or brochures to know when new versions are released

We know this sounds a little too good to be true, but we promise, it really is that good. Essentially QRdoc is a document management tool that helps push PaperCut’s digital revolution. Users can use QRdoc on the web or use QRdoc Assistant for mobile, including tablets.

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SOURCE ecoprintQ

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