How to Become an Employer That Promotes From Within

By Mallory Hynes, GreatAmerica – What is the number one reason candidates tell me they’re wishing to leave their current employer? “There is no growth or development opportunity!” It’s by far the most common reason talent leaves to go elsewhere. My advice to employers? Encourage employees to try out new roles, even if they are lateral. Teach leaders to develop their employees, even if it’s to move into new roles within. Ultimately, if you don’t, you will lose them to the outside anyway. Why not try to retain them with a new challenge for the greater good?

In FY18, our recruiting team processed 101 internal moves. This means that for a company of around 550, close to a fifth of our workforce took advantage of a new opportunity and moved into a new role or team. That stat alone proves that employees enjoy taking on new challenges. Providing internal opportunity reduces turnover, keeps employees engaged and motivated, helps employees develop stronger cross-functional knowledge, and give employers the ability to attract candidates who are looking for growth potential.

So how does an employer create this type of environment?

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