The Death of RFID – Part 2

A 2nd anticipated update coming in iOS 11
may be the beginning of the end for RFID in print.

See: Death of RFID – Part 1

For decades, print environments have leveraged employee issued RFID cards and third party card readers as the means to authenticate users for secure release/pull printing. The RFID hardware requires expensive embedded firmware that runs on an MFP.  A pull printing implementation can easily add an additional $1000+/per printer to support this basic functionality.

iOS 11 changes everything.
In iOS 11, it is anticipated that Apple will support native QR code scanning.  In the USA, QR codes have yet to truly take-off.  However in other parts of the world, QR codes are widely used.  Since iOS has now been around for a decade and Apple is just offering native support, they must be confident in the global demand for the feature.

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Goodbye to Card Readers