Imaging Channel, Why Should Amazon Have All The Fun?

By Ray Stasieczko – I thought I would share a thought or two on the In-Home Tech Business. As many of you know my background is the Imaging Channel, Print/Copy equipment, and services. Obviously, this channel is desperately seeking a broader deliverable. Some in the channel have successfully transitioned. I had the opportunity to help lead the successful reinvention of a legacy print sales and services business, into that of a Managed IT/Security/ Services Firm that experience taught me many things. I look forward to helping others who are ready.

Most in the Imaging Channel still recognize the majority of their revenue from Print. Over the last couple months, I have focused my articles on thoughts of the future about different aspects of the Imaging Channels deliverable. Over the last year, I have talked and consulted with organizations both in and outside the Imaging Channel. I am committed to the realization that the Imaging Channel must transition and quickly define their avenue to replace the every declining annuity of print services. I would add those who believe there is no decline in print I cannot help and should stop reading this article. The rest explore this one opportunity with me and open the door to your imagination. There are many ways to transform it just takes collaborating with those who challenge the relevancy of status Quo.

A few weeks back Amazon doing what Amazon does best decided to disrupt the In Home Tech Service Business. Today the largest market share goes to the Geek Squad which is owned by Best Buy. Most in the SMB to SMB Tech Services Business dismissed this; they think there’s nothing to worry about don’t see a threat. Here’s why all technology service providers from all channels are wrong to dismiss Amazon.

Amazon did not start an In-Home Technology Services Company strictly to sell more T.V.s and Home Theaters. Amazon got into this business because of the increase in the number of home based workers that are not self-employed. It’s not going to go down. Regardless of recent announcements by global organizations. Any new movement which creates bold changes will move both forwards and backwards before gaining momentum. As management practices and advances in technology continue evolving. The work from home model will not only gain in traction it will redefine our work culture.

“Innovation is what you find on the other side of the horizon you find it when you can look past what’s in front of you.”

Amazon wants to be the go to for In-Home Office Workers. Amazon has and continues destroying the Office Products Resellers business model. Now they have their sites on Technology Service Providers. Amazon will provide the service to the Home worker however, Amazon will contract with the corporation that these employees work for. The question is; can the current Imaging Channel, or the Current IT Services Channel beat Amazon to the punch?

Here’s what I would do. Starting tomorrow I would call on all enterprise accounts. Here’s the question for the CEO, not the purchasing Manager. Ask them how many workers do they plan on shifting to a work from home model over the next five years? They most definitely are thinking about this and more than likely have no plan to execute a strategy. Here’s the benefit for either the printer dealer trying to move into IT Services, or the IT Services Provider in an attempt to expand their deliverable. Let’s say the organization has 500 employees and this particular organization wants to shift 10% of their work force to work from home.

OK, we all immediately see why Amazon got excited don’t we? For those who don’t yet see the opportunity. I will explain, fifty at home workers need 50 Computers, 50 Printers, 50 backup solutions, 50 users needing help desk service, 50 users’ needing security patches, and 50 users requiring the occasional on-site service. My friends It’s 50 times a lot of stuff use your imagination.

Well, that’s probably too much technology for some to comprehend. Whatever this looks like it doesn’t exist today so quit getting hung up needed absolutes. Stop and imagine what Amazon is imagining and then execute, and continuously improve your In-Home Tech Service for the SMB Home worker. Ask this question of the CEO before you give away your In-Home Service. How much does each employee cost to be in house?

So know for those of you who can’t get printers out of your mind think of this. Fifty employees in a downtown office Bldg. probably share one MFP maybe two. However, those Fifty at home workers get fifty machines. Yes, you get to ring the bell 50 times instead of once or twice.

So next time you read where the richest man in the world is buying a company or building his own don’t dismiss it learn from it. One more thought. Maybe Jeff Bezos would be interested in contracting with you to provide the In- Home Service in your market. Who knows perhaps a manufacturer already made the call?

My friends from all Channels it’s time to create the Innovation Channel and stop doing the same things, stop looking in the same places, and stop having reunions talking about the past then convincing each other the future is safe. The SMB to SMB Resellers are in the war of their life, and many don’t believe it or, are delusional. Don’t be delusional be creative. The only way to deliver the Future to the Present is first to imagine what the Future is. I have never met Jeff Bezos, but I guarantee you all this. He understands “Those who deliver the Future to the Present, are always delivering relevance, those who don’t are instead temporarily delivering their past relevance.” It is 2017 your past has expired. Those who are ready to collaborate for ways to begin delivering the Future to the Present first like this article then send me an email Let’s create our Future not become victims of someone else’s future.


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