3 Tips to Lay the Building Blocks to be a Data-driven In-plant

By Ryan McAbee – I am continuing my theme for RSA about how to build a data-driven in-plant with three tips about how to lay the building blocks for a data-driven in-plant operation.

Hear more from me in a webinar, “What Data Matters in 2020?” Any in-plant can join the July 15th IPMA webinar presented by me and sponsored by RSA. For details and registration, visit the IPMA webinar page.

The world has changed since the start of this year’s In-plant Tips series where I offered tips about the critical information to collect to control your in-plant’s costs and optimize your operational performance. Many businesses have closed (some temporarily, some permanently), schools have been suspended, and we have been left to navigate a new way of working (remotely or with social distancing). In this new reality, in-plants need access to critical business data to:

  • Understand the impact on operations

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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