Keep Cool When Complying with Seasonal Employment Laws

With high schools and colleges out for the summer, businesses such as retailers, landscapers, and restaurants may be considering hiring seasonal workers to help cover a surge in demand. However, doing so requires that businesses be aware of certain regulatory factors in order to stay in compliance. Keep the following in mind if you’re considering adding seasonal staff.

Follow your onboarding process.

First, determine the worker’s classification and collect the right tax forms – a W4 for employees and a W9 for contractors. Plan to set up your payroll to withhold taxes where appropriate, or send a 1099 form to contractors. Then, for those workers who are seasonal, your company should follow its standard onboarding process for new employees. In addition to the application process, ensure that each worker receives the appropriate training and briefing on company policies. Will this person be an employee working set hours in a store, for example, or an independent contractor working on their own schedule?

Fair Labor Standards Act regulations protect seasonal staff members.

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