Irony: 46% of In-plants Manually Track Operational Performance

By Elisha Kasinskas, RSA – RSA and two of the print industry consultants we work with, Howie Fenton and Keypoint Intelligence’s Ryan McAbee have been writing a lot lately about the importance of your shop’s financial and operational information, “data.” Why all the fuss?

While according to Keypoint Intelligence, the top key business initiative for in-plants the last couple of years has been to focus on reducing production costs and improving efficiency, the irony of how it’s been tracked by in-plants was highlighted in the results of their 2020 North American Software Investment Outlook SurveyForty-six percent of the in-plants surveyed track their operational KPIs manually via job tickets and 23% use spreadsheets (the percentage using spreadsheets is even higher for financial KPIs).

To make matters worse, as shops struggle to keep up with the increase of small jobs (60% of the survey’s in-plant respondents identify it as their top workflow challenge or bottleneck) only 24% of print volume these same shops produce is 100% automated (no human involvement).

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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