Why Tailoring Chronic Care Management During Covid-19 Is Important

Unlike any other pandemic in our lifetime, COVID-19 has rapidly transformed our world and the healthcare system in a short period of time. With the pandemic outbreak and increasing mortality rates touching nearly every corner of the globe, healthcare providers worldwide continue to endorse measures of social distancing, self-quarantining and adhering to strict governmental guidelines to effectively minimize the virus spread and ease the overwhelming burden within the healthcare system.

Amid these precautionary recommendations to flatten the curve, coronavirus cases are growing, and the fear of overloading hospitals across the nation continues. The ripple effect on the healthcare landscape illuminates the vulnerabilities in the current system design and infrastructure. And, paradoxically, while it is advanced in some areas of care, it is also underdeveloped in a number of ways, intensifying the impact on the healthcare system.

And while doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers have met the COVID-19 situation with heroic efforts and unprecedented ways of care, the coronavirus has not only amplified existing system challenges but also brought on a new set of pain points for providers and administrators, including:

  • Dramatic decrease of in-office visits
  • Care managers forced into administrative roles due to staff reductions

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SOURCE All Covered

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