Katun; Best-to-Market vs First-to-Market

While Katun strives to introduce products quickly so you can begin reducing your service costs on the model applications you service, we will not compromise on quality for the sake of being first-to-market. It’s our “best-to-market” philosophy.


Many aftermarket suppliers don’t have the technical expertise, processes and equipment that Katun has. They simply find a manufacturing source and purchase their products “off the shelf,” sometimes without any proof of whether the product will work at all, let alone meet OEM-equivalent performance levels across real-world operating conditions. In their rush to be “first-to-market,” they can end up with products that don’t meet your expectations. If they do any in-machine testing, it may be very limited. Instead, you, the customer, may be doing their “testing” for them.

Every Katun brand product is tested to ensure it meets our performance expectations. We won’t sell a product until we get it “just right.” Sometimes that means other aftermarket products will be introduced before ours. While speed to market is important, we’ve learned over the past 40+ years that our customers really want a quality product at significant cost savings. Therefore, we will continue to strive to provide you with “best-to-market” products and the best overall value.

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