The n00b’s Guide to Docker

Like most geeks on the planet, many of us here at PaperCut have been getting up to speed on Docker (the Open Source containerization platform) over the last few months and years.

Remembering the difficulties and the questions I had back then, I’ve created a short one hour talk to get people bootstrapped into Docker.

n00b’s guide to docker from Alec Clews

The presentation is designed to answer a few basic questions:

  1. Why is containerizaton useful, what is it, and how does it basically work?
  2. What is the difference between a container and an image?
  3. How can I start containers, stop them and remove them? What does that mean?
  4. What is the basic process to create my own image, and how does docker-compose help me when things get more complicated?

Click here to rad the rest!

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