An Open Letter to The Imaging Channel: It’s Been 25 Years, What the Data is Telling Me

By Wes McArtor, BEI Services – It seems like just a short time ago Greg Mosely and I started BEI Services. That was 1993, and we are now in our 25th year in business. So, on behalf of our entire team, we thank your customers from the bottom of our hearts.

I feel not only a duty, but a responsibility to share my concerns being highlighted by the “big data” that BEI Services has collected and processed over the past 25 years. When Greg and I started BEI Services, we had a passion for helping our customers improve their bottom line. We knew then as we know now, improvement is a process and without analytical data and knowing what is possible, the notion of improvement is emotion based, not business based. In saying that, as a business owner I recognize and most definitely respect the value and compassion of emotional management. However, I believe there must be a balance

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