U.S Companies Under Attack by Hackers Backed by Russian Military

Microsoft have recently reported that hackers, backed by the Russian military, are attempting to break into the networks operated by U.S. companies and other enterprises, via Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including Internet-connected printers and phones.

Over a 12 month period Microsoft have sent 1,400 notifications to those affected. 20% to global non-government organizations, and the remaining 80% to various sectors including government, technology, military, medicine, education, and engineering.

The hackers allegedly gained access to the network by finding devices that had either not had the latest security update, or not had their default manufacturer password updated. The hackers then performed a network scan to search for the higher privileged accounts to access their higher-value data. It really was that simple.

Due to these seemingly basic security measures still being missed, Microsoft is calling for better enterprise integration of IoT devices, particularly the ability to monitor IoT devices within enterprise networks. With flexible working, including bring your own device (BYOD) approach, monitoring all devices connected to the network is now even more important.

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SOURCE Ringdale

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