Recruiting Top Talent Requires a Seamless Partnership

Since opening our Recruiting Division 4 + years ago, we have grown to be a solid team of 10 and have learned a great deal.

First, the most effective approach is to partner with strategic dealers that offer the following:

* Strong leadership.

* A stable, thriving business model and culture that attracts prospective employees.

* A positive team environment.

* A absolute plan to grow in writing for the sales organization.

* Impeccable customer service and support.

Next, there must be a “path to success” communicated the moment the dance begins.

This includes:

* A written Job Description…✔

* Written Expectations…✔

* Team Conduct Standards (how all employees interact with each other) …✔

* A well- planned Orientation Process …✔

* Sales Training Programs that focus on New Business Development and promote a vibrant sales funnel in the earlier stages…✔

* Activity Standards (what represents a good day) …✔

* A pay for performance Compensation Model aligned to company goals and objectives…✔·

* Effective communication…✔

The great news is that Coco Training has every ✔in place and we can help you build an environment that makes your opportunity both special and different. Keep in mind the best ones go quickly and we have one chance to make an amazing first impression. In short, all ducks must be in a row, seamlessly.

Coco Training recruits exclusively for the Document Management Industry…Sales Professionals, Business Development Reps, Major Accounts, IT Sales; MPS, MNS, Production Print Specialists, (Selling) Sales Managers, Directors of Sales, as well as Service Technicians.

If you are a growing dealer that demands the right kind of high-level support and results, we are proud to discuss our Recruiting Process and WE GUARANTEE IT!

If you are a marketable professional looking for a career vs. a job, the time is now to reach out since our connections are vast.

Our Commitment Never Wavers. …to be the Trusted Advisor to Our Valued Clients. Coco Training