5 Facts About PaperCut That’ll Help You Sleep At Night

PaperCut is well-known for making print management a breeze for offices, schools, and techies across the globe.

In fact, over 61,000 organizations have empowered their SysAdmins to manage printers and multi-function devices with PaperCut MF or NG.

But did you know the company was started by two young developers back in 1998? Or that PaperCut has become so popular that its network reaches every major continent on Earth (we’re looking at you, Antarctica…).

Take a look at some other surprising facts about our favorite money-saving software.

1. Support never sleeps.

Need a little help? The PaperCut Support Network is revved up and at the ready. But did you know there are some pretty clutch resources to guide you through almost any question at virtually any moment? Sure you did. Just browse the 24/7 Knowledge Base to check out hundreds of articles updated daily. There’s always something there for admins, users, and you!

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