The Power of Power is not to be taken lightly! How Backup & Redundancy can avoid!

by Hobie Thompson – You’re able to read this sentence now, because a lot of things between the server and your laptop screen repeat themselves, repeat themselves.

 Redundancy – the duplication of critical components to ensure continuing operations – is baked deep into every unit of infrastructure with lives on the line. Airlines. Power systems. Computer networks. Redundancy as a principle has been so successful, in fact, that it only makes the news when it fails.

Two major airlines – Delta and British Airways (BA) – got the short end of the redundancy stick recently.

“Uncontrolled and uncommanded”

We’ve covered Delta’s outage previously: a malfunctioning power control module caused a loss of power that killed its Atlanta command center, causing over 1,800 canceled flights, thousands of passengers sleeping on airport floors, and over $120 million in lost revenue.

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