Who Processes Nearly 1.2 Million Service Calls Every Month on Millions Print Devices?

Equipment Performance Analytics from BEI

  • Understand your companies CPP at the serial level and see how that compares to the national average for the same model.
  • Access BEI Services exclusive WorldStats™ data to view robust national performance analytics on all models serviced.
  • Take the guesswork out of establishing service contract pricing, get actual parts and labor inclusive national CPP figures so you can stay competitive while still making a profit.
  • Know what page volume environment to place machines to ensure optimal performance at the lowest cost.
  • Identify ‘best in breed’ products.
  • View part consumption comparisons including part CPP targets per model and vital dealer vs. national yield information.
  • Identify parts warranty opportunities.
  • Automated meter correction to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Complete monthly page volume breakdown.

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