DocuWare: Well-Encrypted is Half the Battle

By Dr. Stefan Weinberger – Even Julius Caesar, renowned leader in ancient Rome, protected his correspondence with the help of encryption. It was pretty rudimentary, but good enough to fool the Gauls and Germans. When managing a company today, it‘s crucial to protect business secrets and customer data from unauthorized access – that’s the new battlefront. That’s why the DocuWare Cloud is fortified to reliably encrypt all your communication and documents.

All data is secured within our data center through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), so there is no way to intercept unencrypted data or information outside or within the system.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to encrypt data traffic between users and the data center. This applies to both HTTP traffic and remoting-based traffic. By using extended validation technology, a user is instantly shown that a secure and validated connection is in place when the address bar is shown in green:

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