If You Were Your Competition, How Would You Put Yourself Out Of Business?

By Ross Yeast, GreatAmerica – If you were your competition, how would you put yourself out of business?  Well, that’s a heavy and potentially depressing question!  Especially considering all of the effort, emotion, wins and losses that come with building and sustaining a successful business. That question, however, is one of extremely high value as you think about navigating your strategy for the future.

There’s no question that technology and digital capabilities are changing or disrupting the landscape of how business is done today.  Just recently I had the privilege of attending an event where Joseph Bradley, the Global Vice President of Digital and IOT Professional Services Organization at Cisco, presented.  Joseph is an industry leader when it comes to optimizing performance through the dynamic interaction of people and technology.  In addition to Joseph’s executive role with Cisco, he also recently authored a book entitled “Questioneering: The New Model for Innovative Leaders”.  Questioneering focuses on generating high value questions that lead to high value answers that in turn lead to breakthrough innovation and solutions. It was through the lens of Joseph’s Questioneering methodology and his industry expertise that he presented how digital capabilities are affecting business and behavior.

Although Joseph’s entire time presenting was engaging and thought provoking, I have opted to highlight just a few of my many take-aways.

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