Free In-plant Webinar for first 50

This webinar is part of our initiative “In-Plant Primer: From Operations Basics to Advanced Sales Concepts,” to educate dealers, reps and owners and print equipment vendors about in-plant print centers. The one-hour webinar will cover six basic topics and some of the advanced topics we’ve covered in the series about this important market, as well as some research and example in-plants.

Attend and learn from expert industry consultant, Howie Fenton:

  • The types of in-plants, their typical problems and who to engage in sales conversations
  • Technology changes, trends and their impact
  • Probing questions to ask to identify workflow solution opportunities
  • Operational and financial concerns, such as operating models
  • Terms and language to use and avoid– and why
  • What’s important for in-plant managers and administration about benefits and measuring performance
  • How software automation increases an in-plant’s value for in-plant managers and C-Level executives.

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