3 Reasons Companies Consider Outsourcing In-Plant Print Centers

How to Avoid Falling Under the Scrutiny Microscope

By Howie Fenton – Few things strike fear in the hearts of in-plants more than the announcement that they are under review. The administration can call this many things, including: an analysis, review, comparison of performance, or evaluation of best practices. Whatever it is called, it means scrutiny.

In some cases, an announcement is not made, but you may get suspicious when you hear specific phrases such as, “We want to check if you are meeting your objectives,” “Is the in-plant supporting the mission?” or “Is the in-plant strategically aligned with our mission?” That is code for, “You may be evaluated because we are considering all options.”

While experienced staff may be better at maintaining a poker face, everyone should be concerned when you are under scrutiny. In our consulting work we have identified three common reasons why companies consider outsourcing.

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