Be a Good Cheerleader

By Jeff Gau, Marco. – Has this ever happened to you? Someone received a promotion, award or another commendation and you thought it should have been you. The feelings of jealousy or envy naturally set in. What you do next could define your career.

How we handle the success of others – even when we don’t agree with it – matters. I’ve seen people leave their jobs because they felt overlooked. We all have choices. Today, I challenge you to be a good cheerleader:

  • Be the first to offer genuine congratulations.
    Promptly step forward to genuinely say well done. That can be face-to-face with a handshake, with a card or a call or through an email or text. This can be the first step to establishing a good working relationship moving forward and setting the right tone for the entire team.
  • Flip your focus on strengths.
    In the back of your mind, you may be thinking about why you are deserving. Flip your perspective and instead consider why the other person is deserving. Rattle off a list of why you would choose the other person. Take the time to understand the person’s strengths and put that at the forefront of your mind.

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