Public Sector In-plant Event

Calling all dealers with public sector customers and prospects. You’ll want to invite your in-plant customers and prospects to the inaugural In-plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) Public Sector Symposium, 9/16- 18 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. RSA is a proud sponsor. This three-day event is public-sector-focused, and all in-plants are encouraged to attend. Join conference host, Marcie Carr, Director of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Publications and her staff for education and networking. Cost is just $125 for IPMA members, and $135 for non-member in-plants (excludes hotel).

Workflow is a huge topic! Rochester Software Associates will present a session called, “Government In-plant Workflow Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities.” RSA will look at the three common workflows we see in the public sector, discuss the challenges in-plants face, and offer solutions and opportunities for this important sector to balance the need to reduce costs while better serving their public’s needs and making it easy to engage with the in-plant.

Your customers can also except the following:

  • Peer Networking
  • In-plant tour of the Pennsylvania Department of General Services in-plant
  • Presentations by leading in-plant state printers
  • Sessions, including RSA’s “Government In-plant Workflow Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities”
  • Discussions on Mail and Presort
  • And much more!

Invite your public sector customers to be a part of this first of its kind event September 16-18, 2018. View the agenda, get more information and register at:


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