Biometrics, Passwords, PINs, Badges – What’s your plan?


According to a report released this week, the Biometric market is projected to reach USD 2,848.3 Million by 2021 from USD 1,182.6 Million by 2016*. This growth is linked to regulatory pressure to ensure data protection and the security of healthcare, government, military and banking facilities. Biometric technologies are increasingly being adopted to comply with stringent laws such as HIPAA, HITECH, SOX etc.

As demand for biometric authentication technologies increases, it is important to be ready with a print management solution that can support the use of biometrics for securing printing.

FollowMe by Ringdale, the first solution to enable fingerprint authentication for office printing environments, ensures it is easy to secure access to print, copy, fax, scan and workflow with network-connected printers.

If you are looking for a solution that offers the widest range of authentication methods, here is a list of available authentication technologies with FollowMe by Ringdale:

  • Biometric – fingerprint authentication has become more acceptable to consumers as smart phones have incorporated fingerprint scanners in recent years. Enterprise-grade fingerprint authentication is available for organizations looking to remove the need to manage PIN codes and ID badges.
  • Username and Password – essentially a printer or MFP is a computer on the network; it has access to the same corporate directory systems for user account information. The same user name and password used to access a computer or email account can be used to secure access to printers/MFPs.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) code – this is a number usually between 4 to 6 digits and can be keyed in using the numeric pad on the device or a separate numeric keypad.
  • Swipe Cards / ID Badges / Key Fobs / – there are many card based methods to read information on a card, such as a magnetic stripe, barcode, radio frequency or a chip on the card. Key fobs can also be used in the same way as radio frequency cards, but fit nicely in a pocket.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – organizations may decide to use more than one method to secure information. It is possible to secure access to printers and MFPs with 2 factors; using ‘something you have’ like an ID card and ‘something you know’ like a PIN code.

What solutions are available?

FollowMe by Ringdale simplifies user authentication by working with the organization’s existing authentication technologies to secure access to valuable information and enable Single Sign On capability (SSO). Supported authentication options include numeric keypads, RFID cards/fobs, contact smart cards, or biometric fingerprint readers. FollowMe also has a wide embedded portfolio, providing a fully integrated solution on most manufacturers’ multifunction printers (MFPs), where authentication is enabled directly from the device touch screen, without the need for external hardware.

FollowMe is recognized with ‘BLI Pick Award’ for document security, for further information on FollowMe by Ringdale visit


* Healthcare Biometrics Market by Technology (Single-factor (Fingerprint, Face, Iris, Palm, Behavioral (Signature, Voice)), Multifactor, Multimodal), Application (Workforce Management), End User (Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions) – Global Forecast to 2021″, published by MarketsandMarkets