FREE! Performance Insight Data Evaluation from BEI!

What to Expect

The most effective method to understand the value and ROI of BEI Services is to engage in our no cost, no obligation Comprehensive Performance Insight Evaluation. The evaluation will provide an objective analysis of your service operations parts and labor expenses and efficiencies, and will encompass 20 plus critical service operations performance metrics.

Once your service history data (no customer names or financial information) is received and processed by BEI, a meeting will be scheduled with your team and one of our expert performance analysts to review the data and discuss the results.

  • Specific devices by serial number that are costing you service profit and why.
  • The top serial specific devices that should be targeted by Sales to be upgraded or replaced.
  • Technician performance by model – Understand what models your technicians are struggling on to focus improvement training.

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