Do or Do Not, There is No Try: Why Bundling is Crucial to your MPS Program

By John Hey, for GreatAmerica – The Managed Print Services business is growing, but is it growing as fast as it should be? And what’s holding those in the office imaging industry back from embracing this offering?

The same four copiers you sold last year are selling for less this year, making it hard to grow your business by selling copiers alone. Developing your MPS offering using a bundled approach is one way to evolve and offset that fact. But an MPS strategy that doesn’t include bundling isn’t much of an MPS program at all.

I’ve been engaged in this industry since I began my career with the D.C. Hey Company in Minneapolis. In 1985, after my father’s death, I became the president and owner of the company. My business partner Todd Johnson was Senior Vice President of Acquisitions of Global Imaging Systems before it was recently acquired by Xerox in 2007.  Since 2010, we’ve worked together at Strategic Business Associates (SBA) helping independent dealers grow their businesses profitability by evaluating operations, working with management to develop action plans, and providing advice as they embark upon the future.

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