RISO SF EII Series is Now Available for Purchase in the US and Canada

We are pleased to announce the U.S. release of the company’s latest line of digital duplicators, the RISO SF EII Series. This second edition of the popular SF duplicator series offers superior print quality while simultaneously delivering the same speed, reliability and durability that RISO is known for.

The SF EII incorporates several new internal enhancements for improved user experience.  Features such as Overlapped Feeding Detection and Automatic Envelope Size Detection provide increased productivity.  The new Paper Memory Printing feature allows for faster, more convenient printing of files, and a new Easy Guide for Changing Consumables connects the user directly to a set of walk-through videos, making these tasks much easier for even casual users to perform.

Another significant change for the SF EII is a new F II Type ink, which replaces the Z Type and F Type inks.  This F II Type ink is backwards compatible with older models and can be used in older machines currently taking Z Type and F Type ink.  The ink itself, formulated with rice bran, is more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible, and has proven to have better archiving capabilities than other ink formulations.

The RISO SF EII Series is now available for purchase in the US and Canada markets. More information on the devices, including specifications and brochures for the various models, are available on the RISO website and the Partner Portal. For more pricing and product ordering information, please contact your RISO sales representative.


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