Collobos Makes List of Most Promising BYOD Solution Providers

Collobos recently made the list of 20 most promising BYOD solutions as reported by CIO Review.

 Collobos is a small start-up from the USA that values great technology, hard work, perseverance, social justice and giving back. They are changing the world by redefining what a for profit business can do to benefit our local and global communities

 The CIO website said the following;

 As the plethora of mobile devices and business application are proliferating, BYOD programs have become the workplace norm to keep employees flexible and productive by empowering them to use their preferred mobile devices for work. This growth of BYOD programs lifts red flags for the company’s IT and security teams, since the issues with BYOD have gone beyond just basic user-privacy to serious security and compliance matters and needs. Mobile-Device-Management is the solution to the obvious security issues of BYOD as it fills the security gaps, and helps IT departments to monitor, manage, and secure employees’ laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that are being used in the workplace, while protecting the corporate data.

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Turn virtually any printer and tablet into a secure release station