Umango Announces New Pricing

Easy To Understand Pricing Changes

Umango is excited to announce its all new pricing. This completely restructured model means more competitive pricing to entry level customers. So what changes have been made?

To better understand how the new licensing model works, it’s important to understand the concept of a source. Sources are inputs that feed documents into Umango. Once documents are scanned via TWAIN or MFD or dropped into a watched folder a source can trigger “jobs” or work functions. So a source is a folder, an email, a TWAIN device or an MFP. Sources are the inputs for Umango to receive, convert, organize, watch, categorize, share, extract, and export.

“Umango has always been an attractive product to the SME market (due to its ease of use while still being a feature rich product). A pricing model that makes Umango more attainable at this level is an exciting prospect to dealers that target these SME customers. We’re excited about the opportunities this opens for us”, said Andrew Wade, President of Global Sales

The new licensing model is more scalable and can start basic, which in turn, lowers the entry level price significantly. This allows our dealers to build and customize Umango to meet the specific needs and the pricing will be modeled on the size of the install and the features required. This in turn leads to a more competitive edge into the SME market.

The new pricing is effective from 1st July in Europe and 1st August in USA. For details, contact your dealer manager.

Did you know that…

… Per Page Pricing Sucks!

Remember how our old cell phone contracts were structured? You’d be limited to the amount of data or minutes you could use each month. Everyone can relate to that moment where you were in the middle of the month and you had used almost all your data or minutes, being left having to sparingly use your phone so that you didn’t go over the plan and be left without any phone service or being slugged with large overage fees.

In the same way, the scanning industry is familiar with this model. Many users have to estimate the number of documents processed each month so they don’t hit their document processing caps. Nobody wants their scanning software to suddenly stop halfway through the month!

We have good news. Umango’s licensing model is free of these “per-page” caps that limit the amount of documents our users can process. Umango’s licensing model means a smooth, stress free, and easy to understand plan. This has helped us reach clients on all levels of the business spectrum.

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We’ve Just Released our Updated Pricing. Umango is Even More Competitive to the SME Market