Digital Document Management vs. Free File Sharing Services: Understanding the Critical Differences

By Thomas Schneck, DocuWare – “Why would I pay for something I can get for free?”

Ever found yourself saying that? Maybe it was for an online music-streaming service which constantly interrupts your favorite playlist with commercials. Perhaps it was for a website membership, which you later found out entitles you to free shipping that would have saved you money in the long run. Often, paying for a service is actually a better decision than attempting to use the free model.

Digital document management is no different. A premium version with a cost attached to it is likely to be much more effective and user-friendly than a free version. Plus, if you aren’t factoring in the wasted time your employees spend on searching for documents and recreating lost files, you may not realize just how much a “free” software is costing your company.

With digital document management, you get what you pay for.

Understanding File-Sharing Versus Document Management 

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