LD Products Announces E-Automate PO Processor Integration for Dealers

LD Products, a nation-wide distributor of premium quality OEM alternative print cartridges with the highest success rate in the industry is pleased to announce the completion of their PO Processor integration for the E-Automate Platform. Now price and availability of LD’s complete series of Gold Line monochrome and color print cartridges can be sourced easier than ever before.

“We’ve surpassed our cartridge quality goals and now PO Processor makes it even easier for dealers to select a Gold Line product to grow their profits over leading remanufactured OEM alternatives”, stated Christian Pepper, President of the LD Products Channel Partner Division.

Effective immediately, imaging dealers leveraging E-automate’ s Purchase Order Processor (PO Processor or POP) can do the following for the entire LD Gold Line Series up to and including the latest software revision level 17.2:

  • View LD Gold Line cartridge prices
  • See real time Gold Line product availability by distribution center
  • View, edit, and electronically submit purchase orders
  • Receive order confirmations, tracking and other electronic communication via PO Receiver

Quickly gaining momentum over leading brands of remanufactured print cartridges since launch in January 2018, each Gold Line cartridge comes with LD’s exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. If a dealer or their customer is dissatisfied, LD will gladly replace the product free of charge on an overnight delivery service and compensate the dealer for labor costs. Plus, all Gold Line cartridges are fully backed by an indemnification against USA IP/Patent infringement.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Channel Partner website, view the welcome video on the home page and contact their LD Channel Partner representative for more details:

Educational Video – CPD.ldproducts.com
Toll Free: 866-780-9385
Email: cpd@ldproducts.com

About LD Products Channel Partners Division
LD Products’ Channel Partner division offers the Gold Line of Non-Infringing New Build Compatible printer consumables exclusively to qualified dealers.

The Gold line is engineered in the USA and assembled by contract manufacturing partners in China. Packaging is unbranded, and resellers own logos and contact info is applied at the point of sale by attaching a wraparound label detailing a picture of the cartridge inside, product info and delivery instructions.

The Gold line features a lifetime warranty and includes hassle-free cost coverage for resellers that must respond to onsite printer repairs caused by a faulty consumable. LD stands behind its products and indemnifies its customers for infringement claims of U.S. Patents.

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