Turbo Images Rolls Out Messages of Thanks to Truckers and Other Essential Workers During Pandemic

Perseverance and courage of frontline workers inspire fleet graphics specialist to create tribute 

Saint-Georges, Quebec – August 06, 2020 – With tremendous gratitude for truck drivers and other frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Turbo Images has created a rolling tribute in the form of 15 vehicle wraps on trucks travelling across North America.

“Truck drivers are frontline heroes who have kept our store shelves stocked and the economy moving during the pandemic,” said Pier Veilleux, President and CEO of Turbo Images. “They have risked their own health and safety and experienced isolation, with long hours on the road compounded by necessary physical distancing. We are incredibly grateful for their work, and we hope our messages of support lift their spirits and those of all frontline workers.”

Turbo Images, a leading fleet graphics specialist, leveraged its expertise to produce vehicle wraps with colourful imagery and messages such as, “We appreciate you. We see you. We thank you for your contributions,” and “Thank you, drivers!”

Turbo’s wraps appear on trucks that are owned and operated by customers including SGR Trucklines, Penner International, C.A.T., Groupe Morneau, Highlight Motor Freight, Salvation Army, Manac, Parmalat and Fruit et Légumes Gaetan Bono. Turbo also partnered with Big Rig Wraps and 3M to create the vehicle wraps.

The design idea came from Turbo Images, with different themes for different frontline workers. The goal was to support the transportation market and convey a message of hope and gratitude.

“Much of the time, people don’t think about how fundamental the transportation sector is to our society and our economy,” said Mr. Veilleux. “If the transportation market stops, most of what we rely on just wouldn’t be available. Drivers connect our cities and communities, and they have faced substantial challenges over the past five months. Turbo Images is part of a strong community standing in solidarity with the transportation profession, and we’re proud to honour these essential workers in this way.”

To view the fleet graphics honouring frontline workers, please see the video at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFQnjqX___g

About Turbo Images  

Headquartered in Saint-Georges, Quebec, Turbo Images is a leader in the North American fleet vehicle graphics market, a position earned through rigorous specialization. This includes provision of award-winning design, world-class production, comprehensive installation, personalized attention by industry specialists, and systems to protect and maintain our clients’ corporate images on the road. Turbo Images has 25+ years of experience, providing customers with a prestigious partner who matches their commitment to excellence. In 2020, Turbo Images expanded through the acquisition of Lettrapub / Team Coach Imaging, making us a powerhouse in the fleet graphics and large-format printing industry. Visit us at www.turbo-images.com.

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